UNM Pain Center is not for pain patients

Is 10 days enough time to wait for a response from Dr. Katzman?  Looks like the UNM Pain Center really does have something to hide.  And if you’re a pain patient in New Mexico, I would avoid that place.




4 thoughts on “UNM Pain Center is not for pain patients

    • A pain center should offer all treatment options and not force a patient to conform to that specific center’s beliefs. A pain center should not be an addiction treatment center disguised as a clinic that treats pain.

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      • Amen. A pain clinic should also openly offer a tour of its facilities. I should be able to decide if I want to sign up with a pain doctor AFTER I meet with him or her. If I am to take control of my own health care, I should be allowed as many second or third or fourth or 10th opinions as I would like, not being dinged for such, as well as not having the DEA not anyone else up my arse, should I decide to choose a doctor in another state. And in no way should I have to sign papers or give a drug test on a first consult when I am there to decide if I want to hire the doctor or clinic. Yes, it’s my right to decide. Would you sign the papers to buy a car and then take a look at what kind of car it is, what features it has, and how it drives?

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