Time Warner Cable must pay $229,500 to a woman it wouldn’t stop robocalling


Reuters reports that U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled that Time Warner Cable (TWC) violated the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and must pay triple damages of $1,500 per call to Araceli King, an insurance claims specialist in Irving, Texas.

King’s troubles began when TWC started calling her cell phone in hope of reaching Luis Perez, who once had the same number. The calls were automatic and made through the “interactive voice response” system TWC uses for customers who are late paying bills…

Furthermore, Hellerstein noted, 74 of those robocalls to King were made after she filed suit in March 2014…

And back in 2011, a reader wrote to complain that he’d found massive errors on his Experian credit report. He couldn’t fix it through Experian’s website and, after Experian’s site advised him to call a phone number instead, he said he “received an interactive voice response (IVR) system that wouldn’t accept the information. I went on the Internet and found other Experian phone numbers to call but those kept connecting me to the same IVR. Is there a way to talk to a human being?” (There was, but it required making a trans-Atlantic call to Ireland.) …

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