The Secret Ways Women Used Pot Throughout History

Women rubbed pot on swollen breasts.

Weed has been used as a topical treatment for centuries. Back in the eleventh century, women used it to treat swollen breasts. The Old English Herbarium described the process as follows: “Rub [the herb] with fat, lay it to the breast, it will disperse the swelling.” Documents show the same method was used in nineteenth-century Germany and Austria, where cannabis was “laid on the painful breasts of women who have given birth.” …

Women consumed pot to treat migraines.

In ninth-century Persia, the juice from cannabis seeds was mixed with herbs and used to treat migraines and other pain-related ailments. As recently as 1942, Morris Fishbein, then-editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, recommended cannabis drops specifically for migraines, especially for women about to get their period.

Pot also made periods more bearable.

Talk about the royal treatment. In the nineteenth century, Queen Victoria received monthly doses of cannabis from her personal physician, Sir John Russell Reynolds, to relieve menstrual pain. Meanwhile, around the same time in the U.S., women used Dysmenine—a medicinal syrup which contained cannabis—to treat cramps…

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