Step therapy

Step therapy is a common practice used by health plans to limit the cost of patients’ medications.

Health plans?  Please.  These “plans” have nothing to do with health.

With step therapy, patients have to go through a series of steps, taking other medications and failing on them before being allowed to receive the medication originally prescribed by their doctors. These requirements are not dependent on a patient’s medical situation, but rather by cost.

In some cases, patients are forced to fail on numerous medications, some with serious side effects. This practice does not single out one group of patients. Step therapy is applied to treat a wide range of disease and chronic conditions, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, psoriasis, epilepsy, glaucoma, hemophilia, HIV/AIDs and mental health among others…

2 thoughts on “Step therapy

  1. So it is a thing! I questioned the doctor and psychiatrist about this as they had prescribed medications I knew wouldn’t work…I’d had an ingredient in a different pill, that I knew didn’t agree with me…they gave it anyway, insisted I should try it, and being in a vulnerable state and wanting anything to work, I did, and it didn’t work. One lot came with about 20 extra kgs, a lot for my frame; then there was nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, sweating etc etc. 3 years that’s gone on for, and the anxiety got worse not better. I’ve weaned myself off everything except 1/4 the original dose of sleeping pill and an antihistamine. Rotten buggars! Wait till I go see my doctor next grrr

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