MICHELLE WATT, the TV presenter, took her own life because of chronic headaches caused by a spinal operation, her father has revealed.

Describing his daughter as “the most wonderful girl in the world”, boxing commentator Jim Watt said that she became depressed following a lumbar puncture last year which left her in agonising pain and unable to eat or sleep properly.

Michelle, a mother-of-one, had the surgery to test for problems affecting her brain which had caused headaches and blackouts.

The 38-year-old former 60 Minute Makeover host was found dead at her home in Airth, near Falkirk last week…

“There was a problem with her optical nerve so they gave her the lumbar puncture to check for things like pressure on the brain. From that point her life was horrendous.”

Michelle, who also worked on programmes including Scottish dating show Club Cupid and STV’s The Hour, is survived by her husband Paul Kerr, 43, and their five-year-old girl.

Mr Watt pointed out Michelle’s problems since the operation had also affected George Clooney, leaving him suicidal. He said: “I remember someone said Clooney had the same procedure and the pain made him contemplate killing himself”…

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mark ibsen, on July 4, 2015 at 3:56 pm said:
Pain is a fucking terrorist.

4 thoughts on “Thinking of you, Michelle Watt

  1. It’s so sad. People (and the health services) greatly underestimate the corrosive effects of chronic pain and that it plagues every aspect of your life. Chronic pain’s relentlessness can make it a killer disease, as seen in this tragic case. More support is desperately needed but first the problem needs to be acknowledged and sufferers given the recognition they deserve. x

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