I Deserve To Breathe!


I’m angry at my body, and I feel betrayed by my body, because the way in which it’s responding to the processing and trauma work I’m doing in therapy. It does not feel okay. My thoughts and feelings and body sensations are unfamiliar and strange and overwhelming and uncomfortable. There is no way I can see them as biologically normal or expected. I see them as pain- excruciating pain. It is shame and disgust and anger and fear and sadness and betrayal. I don’t know how to trust my body when right now, I’m terrified of it…

We all deal with pain in different ways. Sometimes, that means drowning further in it. But we all have to come up for air at some point. To do that, we must embrace the idea that we deserve to breathe. The next time you want to engage in destructive behavior, just say to yourself:

“I Deserve To Breathe!”

One thought on “I Deserve To Breathe!

  1. It’s not just destructive behavior, but even destructive thinking that decimates us. Force your thoughts onto something positive as hard as you can to drown out the negative!

    I know this only too well having gone through my own vicious thought cycle lately. I focus on all the signs I know of how much my mom loves me or the zillions of little things my husband and friends have done for me instead.

    It ain’t easy, but you can save yourself a lot of grief if you can do it.

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