There is no opioid epidemic


I could debate with both of you, point by point, to show you how wrong you are. I’ve been an intractable pain patient for 30 years, so believe me when I say I know what I’m talking about. (There, does that satisfy your curiosity about my age, Mr. Republican?) But I’m very tired, in constant pain with no access to any medications at all to manage it, and I’m unwilling to keep trying to educate people on things they know nothing about. Or perhaps only know a little bit about, but pretend they know more. Since both of you are spouting falsities, I’m inclined to think that you’re not interested in learning the truth. And with people like that, unfortunately, it’s only personal experience that will change their minds. (Kinda like the few Republicans who have gay people in their family and so are no longer against gay rights.)

But I will say that there is no opioid “epidemic.” When you compare the number of people who take pain medications with the people who die by overdosing on them, it’s actually a minute percentage.

10 thoughts on “There is no opioid epidemic

  1. Jo, that top link is about slavery being perpetuated in prisons, and I couldn’t see any reference to opiod alleged abuse or epidemic. Am I negatively hallucinating? It does happen to my brain quite a lot!

    L. X

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  2. Wow, he really does live in a bubble of ignorant self-importance, doesn’t he?

    Is he unaware of the effect that prohibition had? Is he unaware of how few drug related crimes there are in Holland, where cannabis is legal and affordable to boot?

    Potentially fatal – oh, PMSL at the idea I need constant medical supervision to take my Oramorph and dihydrocodeine or I might DIE! That’s just too funny. How naive. How idealistic. What is he, 13 and tryimg to impress his friends with his self-righteousness? He very obviously has no experience of dealing with anything chronic other than his over inflated opinion of himself.

    And there isn’t an epidemic of opiate “abuse”, and I don’t know ANY CP patients who are addicted in the manner he has inferred from looking at substances like crack – how can anyone be so ignorant as to lump cannabis in with H or crack, ffs? Legal drugs are “safe” – Ha! So he has no clue on the stats for life threatening side effects from drugs that destroy the liver, or cause worse diseases than the one they were supposed to treat. Nothing safer than legal drugs???? Yeah, because chemo didn’t fuck me up to total physical disability, it must have been the Vitamin C I was taking.

    Man, I never wish ill on anyone, but sometimes I wish there was a way for these pompous, judgemental, ignorant pricks to experience first hand what it’s like in the real world.

    Does he not get it that if even some “recreational” drugs were made legal, the purity could be controlled, the prices could be controlled, people who need cannabis for pain relief would be able to afford it…….I can think of several reasons why legalising cannabis would only be a good thing. Does he not understand that cartels and terror and stupid prices, and impurity issues (which lead to more deaths than anything else, or at least, that’s my impression when it comes to things like coke reportedly being cut with scouring powder and other toxic chemicals) would all be neutralised if it were a legal substance? Even if it was on the controlled list, legal status would remove a lot of the stigma people like him attach to it. Or then again, I doubt that even a scientific report clearly demonstrating the benefits of cannabis over “safe legal drugs” would change his entrenched view.

    Ironically, I think a few tokes on a good joint would mellow his view somewhat, and open his clenched brain enough for the truth to get in…….

    L. X

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    • Not to mention the fact that one of the differences between “illegal” heroin and “legal” heroin is just Big Pharma. Like the difference between “illegal” and “legal” cocaine — which is what Ritalin is.

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      • Ritalin is coke??? Really? Blimey, Jo, I learn something new from you every day!

        I’ve never tried either. I was always too aware of my weird reactions to stuff everyone normal could take with no problem. I spent over a decade in the dance music industry, so I saw mountains of the stuff, but fear of imploding and falling out of my own arse stopped me from ever trying it!

        L. X

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        • I never tried coke either. I mean, it’s hard enough for me to slow down, to keep my thoughts from running away from each other — why would I want to make that shit worse? 🙂


        • Quite. I, on the other hand, would imagine it might give me a much needed boost of energy and strength……not that I ever would try it, or Ritalin, because I still feel the same about it as I always have done.

          I suppose there are downsides to having a brain that won’t shut up and slow down, but my problem tends to be the opposite, trying desperately to get the thing to wake up and THINK faster than the slug it pretends to be.

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  3. PS When will these people understand that the only thing we’re “addicted” to is our need to get some relief from physical pain? None of us get high on morphine sulphate, or codeine. I don’t even get a warm buzzy feeling from my diazepam – I think the very first one did, like your first ever cigarette makes you go funny, but I don’t get remotely high.

    “Addiction” implies a need so desperate that you will commit criminal acts of violence for it, then get off your tits. That doesn’t happen with cannabis, EVER. I lived in a YMCA for over four gears, where cannabis use was rife. The Christian boss, a rigidly pompous man, said at one meeting of the board about it that he’d been called out of bed at 4am often, when inmates were having an alcohol fuelled brawl, but never ever had he been disturbed by a report of any act of aggression due to cannabis. Rigid his views on conduct and sex may have been, but at least he had the sense to understand that cannabis wasn’t the evil thing it’s so often portrayed as now.

    I bet your Republican man drinks like a permanently drunk person. He’s certainly angry enough!

    L. X

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