Woman sues Walmart after wrongful arrest


SPOTSYLVANIA, VA (WWBT) –  It was a crushing blow to Eve Davis’ entire life. Davis says she was wrongfully arrested nearly two years ago when she went to have her Adderall prescription filled at Walmart in Spotsylvania County.

“When I am back after 10 minutes [to pick up my prescription], there was a cop there that arrested me. They believed that the prescription was fraud, because there was another prescription that had been filled prior to that,” Davis said. “I was in jail for 16 days and I have a daughter that I wasn’t able to see or get in touch with, and I lost my job… I had two jobs, and I lost both of them.”

Even though a circuit court judge found there was no probable cause for her arrest and her record was expunged, the entire ordeal is having a lasting impact.  “To this day, I’m still trying to find full-time employment. But it’s hard when you Google me and you can see it online, that I was arrested for a felony,” Davis said.  She was a government contractor who lost her top security clearance after her arrest. Now years later, she’s fighting back. A 27-page complaint was filed by her attorney on Monday, seeking damages in the amount of $15 million…

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