It would not surprise me to learn that Verizon Wireless uses a hand crank to power its network. I’ve had nothing but trouble getting online today — no matter what I did, I kept losing my connection.  I guess I should know by now that when the internet is crowded, like on a holiday or during peak hours, it’s just too bad so sad for me.

The good news is that my overwhelming frustration gave me enough energy to make a visit to Best Buy.  See, without a phone, I can’t call Century Link, ask questions, and set up an appointment.  Since Best Buy set me up with Verizon Wireless when I purchased my laptop, I thought they could do the same with Century Link.

First, the Best Buy dude and I talk modems.  Yes, he confirms that I have to use a Century Link modem, but the only one on the shelf is $100.  Well, does Century Link have any other modems? No, this is the only one.  And yet looking at all the other modems on the shelf, they all seemed to be priced a lot lower than $100.

So then I ask the Best Buy dude — who looks like he just graduated from high school — if he could set me up with Century Link.  He says he can fill out the application with me, but when he looks it up on his computer, too bad so sad, my address won’t work.  He says I have to call, I say I don’t have a phone, he says let me sell you one.  No, dude, I have a phone, but I never use it, so why activate it just to call Century Link?  He goes to ask another Best Buy dude and comes back to tell me that I can use the phone at Customer Service.  But I haven’t decided yet if I want to spend $100, plus any connection charges…  Well, dude, do you think Century Link has their own store?  He tries looking it up, can’t find anything, and I’m like thanks anyway.

Let me mention that since I moved to New Mexico, I’ve had Century Link salespeople at my door almost every other weekend.  I’m like, my contract with Verizon is for 2 years, so nothing I can do until then.  Obviously, these people don’t talk to one another, because I have to explain this to every talkative salesperson that knocks on my door.  But with the last one, I’m like, yes, it’s time. She gives me her email address, I send her some questions, and I never hear back.

So what do I do now?  Well, I head on over to Pelicans for some french fries and ranch dressing (even though I’m not the least bit hungry). Perhaps I should have known not to go on a holiday, when all the regulars are on vacation, because the ranch dressing was runny and had too much garlic.  Good thing I love garlic and there’s mayonnaise in my fridge to thicken it up.

The only bright spot to this whole day was this beautiful cloud, which looks like a cross between a blob and an amoeba.  And I’m very proud of myself for making it through this whole post without swearing once.  🙂

14 thoughts on “Verizon sucks

  1. FYI–that is true that you can use only CenturyLink modems, however, if you decide to purchase CL, then when you call to set it up, they will give you the option of paying $6.95/mo for a ‘lease’ of the modem or you can purchase it from them on your payment at any time for the going price, which i think is almost $100. I had CL 3yrs ago or so, and I kept the device when I cancelled service, so when i ordered new service last fall, I already owned a CL modem and didn’t need to ‘lease’ it for $7 or buy it for $100. So, that’s what i know. hope it helps in some way to make a decision now or later.

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  2. I agree! I’m getting tired of Verizon. Their service is good but they raise their prices often. I think I pay $300. I hate that they don’t have unlimited data anymore! Me and my family usually go over the data. I’m thinking of switching when the contract finishes. I might go to a wedding in Albuquerque this month. I’ll let you know if I go. My grandma really wants me to take her. She wants to stay at Route 66.

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