Antipsychotic Drug Rx for Teens: Too Much, Too Often?

More than half the prescriptions for antipsychotic drugs prescribed to young people were not based on any clinical diagnosis, according to the first ever descriptive analysis on youth trends for the use of antipsychotic medication.

Mark Olfson, MD, MPH, of Columbia University in New York City, and colleagues found that between 57% and 67% of youth ages 1-24 who were prescribed these drugs had no outpatient or inpatient claim that included a mental disorder diagnosis. Moreover, the data suggest that script for these medications is rarely written by a child or adolescent psychiatrist…

In addition, Olfson added that he was surprised that the majority of young people receiving antipsychotics did not receive psychotherapy treatment. Only a small portion of young people receiving this medication had an outpatient claim for psychotherapy (range: 13.5%-24.8%)…

2 thoughts on “Antipsychotic Drug Rx for Teens: Too Much, Too Often?

  1. Drugs are a lot cheaper than therapy. Plus, drugs create more corporate profit, while therapy only provides a few people with an income.

    It always seems to be about money these days. You can figure out all kinds of laws and policies and happenings just be the old adage: “follow the money”

    How sad.

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