Shoulders for Sisters : Suicide Prevention

Suicide and Endometriosis has been a topic heavy on my heart for the past seven months (you can read Suicide & Endometriosis here).  Am I suicidal?  No.  However, last year there were several EndoSisters who committed suicide.  And this year a few more have.  Too many.  But can easily understand their hopelessness: pain; no cure; the potential for multiple surgeries; regrowth; Western medicine, alternative medicine, natural supplements, snake oils, relief, recurrence, and the cycle starts all over again.  Not to mention a sense of being completely alone, misunderstood, misdiagnosed, mistreated by physicians, mislabeled as drug-seekers, fakers, and crazies.

I’ve been trying to think of ways that I can help. In a small way.  Or a big way.  And I’ve fallen short on ideas… But today I’ve learned of a group where Sisters with suicidal thoughts can go for help.  An old-fashioned phone-line group.  Yes, that’s right.  You can email, PM, or call someone if you need to talk.  Talk with someone who is in your shoes.  Who knows what you’re going through…because they’re going through it, too.  Understand that you are not alone, and understand that people want to listen. And help.

Shoulders for Sisters was created in June 2015 by two EndoSisters, Amanda and Brandi, after hearing about three confirmed suicides of EndoSisters within one week.  THREE…IN ONE WEEK. A fourth Sister also passed away that week, but the details of her death are unknown. Amanda and Brandi, like many of us, felt like something needed to be done. So they created Shoulders for Sisters, a Facebook group where EndoSisters in need of help can turn to. It is currently run by four Admins and is a closed group on Facebook, and will remain closed for the comfort and security of it’s members. If you would like to join, either because you need someone to talk to, or you would like to help, please click here…

5 thoughts on “Shoulders for Sisters : Suicide Prevention

  1. So many suicides. So tragic. Wonderful to spread the word of strong support. Go well in your efforts to comfort, encourage and save lives. For every one suicide you can prevent, you are not only saving the life of the patient, but the ’emotional life’ of each of their family members and close friends and collegues. Support like this is truly far reaching

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