The Worst Companies To Work For

1. Express Scripts

While pharmacy chain CVS Health received poor employees ratings, it still fared better than Express Scripts, which was the only large company to receive an average rating of 2.3 on Glassdoor. Just 28% of the current and former Express Scripts employees surveyed said they would recommend working at the pharmacy benefit management company to a friend…

Horrible employee satisfaction does not appear to have hurt the company’s bottom line. Express Scripts net income has increased each year from fiscal 2010 through fiscal 2014, with the most recent earnings of over $2 billion, Shares of Express Scripts have roughly doubled since the beginning of 2012.

3 thoughts on “The Worst Companies To Work For

  1. Totally agree, they are my pharmacy, not by choice, by insurance choice, I had a horrible ordeal with them while on an extensive finally took a call to the head pharmacist and he had it all fixed and major apologies to me…since then I have had wonderful service and care…what’s the ole saying, those who bitch the loudest, anyway something like that…LOL

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  2. Most companies care very little about their employees job satisfaction….I don’t know but, if I owned a company I would be a little disturbed that most of my employees were unhappy….that’s probably why I will never be a boss….I am a nice person.

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  3. I noted that dollar general was on this list. I can completely agree that I belongs on this list. I worked for the savages. My pay checks would be gouged in tax fees, as well as the worst management teams I probably have ever dealt with. Thanks for the interesting read!

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