Oregon Board of Pharmacy reclassified marijuana


The Oregon Board of Pharmacy has had a noteworthy relationship with marijuana over the years. As recently as 2010, under direction from the Oregon legislature, the Board reclassified marijuana from a Schedule I substance (as per the Federal Controlled Substances Act), to a Schedule II substance…

I didn’t know states could do that.

8 thoughts on “Oregon Board of Pharmacy reclassified marijuana

  1. as long as the fed doesn’t put its foot down, states have the right to make their own laws. if the fed puts its foot down, then the states have to go to court or just do what the fed says. its kind of like the gay marriage issue was before it passed federally. some states allowed it, some allowed it as a partnership, and some didn’t allow it. and now, with enough states supporting gay marriage, the fed agreed and made it the law for all states.

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