Why Do Women Have A Higher Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease Than Men?


Brinton studies how menopause changes the brain. Estrogen helps regulate the brain’s metabolism, how it produces the energy for proper cognitive function, and it must switch to a less efficient backup method as estrogen plummets, she explained.

“It’s like the brain is a little bit diabetic,” said Brinton, who is studying whether that may relate to menopausal symptoms in women who later experience cognitive problems…

2 thoughts on “Why Do Women Have A Higher Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease Than Men?

  1. I know when chemo and other oestrogen breast cancer treatments nicked all my oestrogen and thrust me headfirst into an early menopause, I turned into a hairy-faced, dotty old lady……I thought I’d done things I hadn’t, and I’d forgotten to do things that I actually had done. Made me very very stupid. Absent minded doesn’t come close. Not so bad now, unless I’m having fibro fog, but it wasn’t the slow foggy thing, it was the simple Things Falling Out Of Brain Through Really Big Holes thing.

    So this doesn’t really surprise me :-/

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  2. I’m even on replacement estrogen, yet I’m still chronically depressed and have shockingly brittle bones.

    This just confirms my thought that our bodies weren’t designed to live so long. I do not enjoy living in a vehicle that gets harder and harder to coax into functioning.

    If I was a car, I’d have been sold to a junk dealer years ago, and hopefully been recycled into something that’s more useful.

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