Antidepressants Linked to Bone Fractures in Menopausal Women

Women taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to treat menopausal symptoms are up to 76% more likely to break a bone, according to an observational study…

“To our knowledge, the current study is the first to examine whether SSRI use is related to fracture risks in a population of middle-aged women without known psychiatric disorders, a demographic for which, given the recent FDA approval of paroxetine for the treatment of VMS (vasomotor menopausal symptoms), SSRI use may increase,” the investigators wrote.
SSRI use for nonpsychiatric conditions such as VMS, irritable bowel syndrome, and premature ejaculation has increased to the point that antidepressants are the third most commonly prescribed class of drug in the U.S., with much of that growth attributable to non-psychiatrists prescribing to patients without a psychiatric disorder, the investigators noted…

15 thoughts on “Antidepressants Linked to Bone Fractures in Menopausal Women

  1. Everyone at risk of osteoporosis or suffering from it already needs D3 and K2.

    I reversed my osteoporosis in 9 months doing that, and mine was 8 years old and raging. Another lovely no oestrogen induced state. Gotta love doctors. X

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  2. This really sucks – I’m menopausal and just broke a bone!

    Actually, I didn’t break it as much as I pulverized a section of it. The doc noticed it was extremely fragile, but there’s little I can do about it because I have EDS, which affects the joint stability, which means I can’t stress my joints without pain, and thus have no way to stress the bones.

    Once something goes systemically wrong with the body, it’s only a matter of time before other things start failing because everything is ultimately connected to everything else.

    You know, life really sucks once you find yourself heading down that route.

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    • Zyp, you don’t need to stress bones/ do weight bearing exercise on them to avoid osteoporosis. I’ve been 90% bed-ridden since 2007, and reversed my osteoporosis within 9months on D3 and K2. K2 carries the instruction to send calcium to your bones. Calcium on its own just sits in your blood doing nothing useful. You also need boron, 9mg a day, which carries the instruction for bone and joint repair – even resolves severe osteoarthritic signs and symptoms, according to an Italian study. Also silica and magnesium, they keep your bones flexible and not so brittle that they’re likely to fracture.

      The weight bearing thing….well I can’t do it, and have managed to sort out my quite bad bone problems, without doing that, and I’m not entirely sure it’s a helpful approach when you can’t even make it to the bathroom unaided! Might work for otherwise healthy people, but D3 and K2 are the way forward if you need greater bone density.
      L. X

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      • Sorry, should gave said – reversed in 2013, after 6 years on AdCalD3, which was 1.5g of calcium and 800IU of synthetic Vit D. I took enough D3 to bring my levels right up, and 100mcg of MK7 K2 for every 10,000IU of natural D3 from Healthy Origins. First signs if reversal seen 3-4 months after I started K2 and D3, and was unexpected by me, and everyone else. I was only taking the K2 to stop my blood calcium from going too high – enough of my drs were freaked out by me taking high dose D3! And it did, and still does, keep my calcium tests in normal range. I take 20,000IU D3 every day.
        L. X

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      • Well, I definitely be giving that a try! I’m heartened by your experience – I wasn’t sure it was possible to increase bone density with supplements alone.

        Your situation is one of my greatest fears and I’m almost certain I’d prefer being dead. I think you’re very brave to face a life like that without succumbing to total bitterness and hopelessness (though I’ll bet you have your moments!).

        How do you motivate yourself to mentally keep going, day after day, blogging and responding so kindly to others? I’d just be furious at the gross unfairness of my fate and stop eating.

        The surgeon only said I should be taking “Vit D”, but wasn’t more specific, plus, I’ve been taking 5,000 mg D-3 daily for the last few months. I know such nutrients always work much better in combination with others, so it makes sense that it would require additional stuff to work.

        Out of curiosity, which brand are you using? I’m a cheapskate, so I buy NOW brand, and I’m worried that “you get what you pay for”. If the five supplements you mentioned work best together, is there a combination product available that might cost less than buying each separately? Do you know it there’s some food that has these nutrients all packed together conveniently for us?

        It makes sense that my upper body bones would be thin compared to my spine, pelvis, and legs because I walk and bike a lot, but what does that imply for my skull? I’m definitely a thick-headed person, but I don’t know if that carries over to my physical properties as well πŸ™‚

        I eat probably too many dairy products (coffee with about 1/5th milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese sandwiches) so I have tons of calcium and that’s not the problem but, as you said, I need all that calcium to go where it’s needed.

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        • We get all of our supps from iherb, and if you’re a first time customer, feel free to use my discount code of BAB416 at checkout to get money off. Now are good for some things, but I’ve always used Healthy Origins D3, the x360 pot of 10,000 IU D3 is less than $20, so that would be a year minus 5 days supply. You need at least 10,000 IU a day if you’re ill (I talked about this in a recent post, but will have to write more, be cause it’s one of my pet subjects!) I was initially taking up to 80,000 IU a day, and, as per the old Vit D Council’s recommendations (before Big Pharma got to them) 150,000 IU a day for 3 days only if I had an event, an extra illness, an infection,an eye cyst or something. It always works. So, when I first looked on iherb, I went through all the different brands, and Healthy Origin’s reviewers were the only ones who’d had blood levels of D checked before and after. That’s one reason I went with them, but I like their quality and overall lack of binders and fillers in their products.

          .The Vit K2 – bear with me, because this is a bit complicated. There’s bog-standard K2, and B’s parents use the Now K2. It’s better than nothing. I need to check, but I can’t remember if it specifies on the label what type of K2 it uses – there are two main types. The chemical name for Vit K2 is menaquinone, and for some reason, menaquinone gets abbreviated as MK (you’d expect it to be MQ, but no, it’s MK. There are two types of MK, MK4 and MK7. MK4 is fast acting, but leaves the body within hours, good if you have high blood calcium and need to sort it out fast. This is the type they use to treat osteoporosis in Japan. The best type, as far as I can see, is. MK7. It’s slower acting, but lasts a lot longer in the body, slightly more than 24 hours, so you get a better sustained long term effect. We use Now’s MK7, 100mcg caps. It’s a tiny bit more expensive than the K2 straight. You’ll need x4 pots of MK7 or K2 per one big pot of x360 Healthy Origins D3.

          After 11 months of taking between 20 and 80 k IU D3 a day, along with 100mcg of MK7 (I started on plain Now K2) my blood calcium went up very slightly – enough to make one of my drs crow, because he kept insisting I was killing myself, hadn’t heard of K2, didn’t believe my TWO bone scans, so 4 days before I next saw him, I’d started Life Extension’s Super K, which is a mixture of MK4 and MK7. In those 4 days, it brought my calcium back in normal range (upoer ref is 2.64, mine was 2.60, previously 2.43, and back to 2.43 after four days with the stronger, mixed product, Super K). Really pissed him off even more, we had a huge row, and I stormed (in as much as one can convincingly storm with a rollator for support!) out of his office. There is a stronger MK4 product, Carlson, I think,which is 4mg, but I’ve tried it and I guess it took too much calcium out of my blood because I felt quite ill on it, which passed when I stopped it. So, several choices there, but B and I both use Super K by Life Extension, and Now’s MK7 100mcg, all from iherb.

          The boron I prefer is Source Naturals Triple Boron (don’t get the one with calcium in, because you might not need the extra, then you have no way of controlling things, plus the Triple Boron is about $8 for a big pot, the with calcium one is $12. I use World Organic’s Silica, 50mg and I take x3 a day, along with x3 of the 3mg boron. I’m not due another bone scan til October (still not sure how I swung two scans 3-4 months apart in 2913, but they were annoyed I did, and said I can’t have another one til this Oct, bastards!)

          There ARE bone multis, but you then have no control over the individual constituents. As long as you take a good general multi vit and mineral complex, it’s safe to add in the extras individually, but DON’T do minerals
          just singly, without a general complex backing them up, because a lot of them depend on adequate quantities of another mineral to work properly, and to not do harm. D3 and K2 /MK7/MK4 are fine as a pair.

          D3 makes calcium way more available from your gut, so you probably won’t need a calcium supplement – you should anyway get a Vit D3 and a calcium blood test done before you start, and have 1-3 monthly repeat tests thereafter until you’ve established a maintenance dose for both. Dairy calcium is less available than veg calcium (green leafy veg being best source). I was still initially taking my AdCalD3 along with my D3 and MK7, but only for just under a year. I haven’t taken it for ages, because I hate pharmaceutical analogues, and obviously they either know nothing, or deliberately keep us unhealthy by warning of “too much D!” or why would they make such a useless “bone helper” with only 400IU D3 and a gram of calcium? Did nothing to even stop my osteoporosis, nothing in 6 years of taking it every day. Six years, and I reversed mine in 8 months.

          Happy to help πŸ™‚ Let me know if you want any more help. X

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        • Wow, thanks so much for your answer – including volumes of details that I didn’t expect. I can tell you’ve done quite a “bit” of research, sign of an information junkie, just like me.

          It’s too complicated for me to absorb in one reading, so I’ll have to let it percolate a while, but it’s logical. Your results certainly prove its working for you.

          I sure wish I could take care of my nutritional needs by diet alone, but now that my physical existence is clearly out of balance, I doubt that’s possible anymore. I do, however, eat mostly “real” food: unprocessed fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains, with a little meat a couple of times a week, in addition to all the dairy products. Love those huge summer salads these days!

          I’m so lucky never to have developed a taste for junk or fast food, so it’s easy to avoid that stuff. Living 20 miles on a winding mountain road from the nearest store helps too πŸ™‚

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        • And thankyou for your kind words, I appreciate them πŸ™‚

          Yeah, I have my moments. Yeah, more than thirty years to get my mystery illness dx’d only to find I can’t take any of the recognised treatments for it (fibro) sucks, and yeah, getting breast cancer in the muddle of all that, losing a boob, being shoved chemically into an early menopause (and osteoporosis) and being made disabled by it all is something I never imagined I’d end up with as My Life. I used to dance, and I trained horses. I used to scuba dive, I travelled a lot. I was active, even when battling the fibro. Chemo and everything wrecked me, and the ONLY thing that keeps me going is hoping that I WILL find a way to be well, and that I can help other people with “mystery conditions” because I recognise a lot of them. If I can help even one or two people by passing on what I’ve learned about health and natural medicine, all that, then I can at least feel a little bit less like a worthless, useless piece of crap, you know?

          It does help that I now have an awesome boyfriend, after being stuck with a total bullying shit head all through the cancer. He went off me when I got put on steroids, and my weight shot up. Guess he preferred ne skinny with two boobs. Only got rid of him 5 years ago, but “new” boyfriend (our fifth anniversary coming up, yay!) is so brilliant, I’m really, really lucky to have found him.

          L. X

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        • Oh, and I am a cheese and yoghurt monster – if you want it, eat it! Your body obviously needs it. I eat cheese literally every day. I have a piece of cheese with yoghurt and an apple and a black coffee for breakfast, (except how much of the yoghurt and apple depends on how pukey I feel) followed by a frothy latte. Dinner is potatoes with butter and cheese, and other veg – I go off meat as soon as warm weather comes, no idea why. Butbcheese with literally everything!!!!

          L X

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        • In theory, green veg have loads of calcium, plus K1 which IN THEIRY converts to K2 as needed, BUT you’d need to eat bucket loads, and it would have to have been grown on good, nutrient-rich soil, so really, the answer to the food question is No. Bear in mind that when people talk about eggs and oily fish being “high in Vitamin D”, they mean an egg has about 25 IU of D3, a large piece of salmon would get you maybe 100 IU. We were designed to get our D through exposing our skin to adequate amounts of sunlight, but we all got scaremongered into believing that the sun causes skin cancer, and to keep the sunscreen industry afloat by plastering what little skin we expose to the sun with Factor Five Hundred. So no, there is definitely no food that has anything even vaguely approaching the levels of D you need to replace, because we haven’t evolved past getting D through our skin yet.

          But that’s another post! I’m getting tired, is 2.25am here. I might have to go to sleep.

          L. πŸ™‚

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  3. By the way, unless you live somewhere really cold, you’re best off keeping al oil-based supplements, like D3 and K2 (and A, E, fish oils, etc) in the fridge. Oils will go rancid if exposed to light and or heat.

    L. X

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  4. Zyp, it stopped being possible to get everything we need from our foods sometime in the 1940’s when our soils got depleted and screwed by modern agriculture. Even if you eat organic, real foods, there will inevitably be deficiencies. But good for you re your diet, I’m the same, never liked crap food, hate processed muck, and love nothing better than a massive salad.
    L. X

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