Besides Sleep Ambivalence and insomnia, I am now also suffering from sleep apnea.  How else would you explain being startled awake by a loud snorting sound?  It’s not like I can blame it on the pet pig that I don’t have.

Maybe I’ve always suffered from this condition, or maybe Tess gave it to me, but it seems to have gotten worse.  I didn’t have or notice this problem when I was smoking bud or taking medications.  And now that I’ve diagnosed myself with apnea, my Sleep Ambivalence has also gotten worse.  It’s a little scary thinking that while I sleep, I stop breathing.

A CPAP machine will not work for someone with severe facial pain, and I have no access to medications that might help.  So, it looks like I am doomed to keep suffering.  But don’t worry, you can’t die from sleep apnea, just like chronic pain can’t kill you — at least right away.

CPAP machines: Tips for avoiding 10 common problems

(Photo taken 3/27/2015.)

10 thoughts on “Poo Poo

  1. Thanks a lot. It isn’t contagious, but it can kill you. It slowly shuts down you vital organs. Not right away, but little by little. Sorry to hear you have that now. It usually is evident in people with chronic pain because you need solid sleep to heal at night and we dont’ get that so we start suffereing from chronic pain, cognitive disorders and Fibro.

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  2. Think that’s just snoring! Proper sleep apnoea doesn’t consciously wake you up. You stop breathing, and restart without waking up, but it still disrupts your regenerative sleep, so you’re exhausted all the time. I’ve been tested for it – the sleep clinic send you home with a sats type thing you wear on your finger overnight, and I didn’t have it. I quite often wake myself up snoring! X

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    • There are plenty of things that disturb my sleep, but it’s unusual for me to feel so startled, my heart beating fast as if I’m afraid. Sure, I’ve had a few nightmares in my time, but not for awhile. Although you’re right, it could be snoring, as my allergies have been kinda bad for the past week or so. Something in our air here in Albuquerque because it’s been pretty hazy. Achoooo!

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      • Bless you, my child 🙂
        Out with the anti-histamine……

        I quite often find myself startling myself awake when I’ve fallen asleep sitting up, and my head has dropped forward, presumably restricting my airway. That’s definitely a snore thing, but caused by position. Don’t know what would be the cause of your tachycardia, but suppose anything restricting airflow might cause it as body would panic…..think snoring actually not much different from apnoea, really, in as much as airflow is restricted. Just apnoea it gets completely cut off for several seconds or even longer. A boyfriend had apnoea, and he used to just stop breathing. I used to whack him and he’d start breathing again. Seems to have managed well enough without me hitting him awake for the past 20 years, though! X

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      • The only thing I do (besides taking Claritin-D for my allergies) is elevate my head while I nap. I use like three pillows, although that can mess with my neck. I hope you checked out the article I linked to in this post, as there are so many things that can go wrong with the CPAP.

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        • The article really didnt’ tell me anything I didn’t know. I have had it for 2 1/2 years now. I take and allergy pills, but lay flat. It has current problems.

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