The thunderstorm has lowered our temperature about 20 degrees, to 75 degrees F.  The wind’s blowing something fierce, and trees are losing some of their leaves.  I hope that’s not too painful for the trees. 🙂  I tried to catch a shot of the lightning, but that’s an ability I haven’t mastered yet — I’m always a split second too late.

22 thoughts on “Relief From The Heat

        • We had a lot of hurricanes in Texas, where I grew up, but the wind here in New Mexico can get pretty strong, even on a sunny day. I also experienced the Santa Ana winds in California, and those were pretty freaky. But to me, the wind sounds like freedom. 🙂

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      • Me too, especially desert thunderstorms, which can be really intense. I have had the good fortune to witness several of them while visiting my parents in El Paso, Texas. They had a good view of the mountains from the covered porch in their back yard and you could see hundreds of lightning flashes while remaining high and dry. Awesome.

        I got caught in a lightning storm on a flat-topped mountain while hiking in Harriman park in NY. The wind was so strong it was blowing the rain sideways with such force I felt like I was being sprayed with a firehose. There were lightning strikes hitting the area all around me which was was filled with charred trees that had been damaged by previous storms. Surrendering myself to the mercy of nature and the incredibly intense sense of beauty enhanced by fear was liberating and sublime. It was one of my best hikes ever.

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      • We can always dream – in fact, with chronic pain it’s the best strategy. Dwelling on reality is what causes depression. It’s scientifically proven that increased intelligence is correlated with more depression.

        Does intelligence cause depression or does depression cause intelligence? It makes sense both ways. When I’m depressed I do a lot of research of how to get out of that state and thus become smarter all the time, which leads to the realization of how much life sucks… Endless downward spiral.

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  1. You can have the storm we just lived through. It will be weeks probably before it is all cleared up and trees out of houses and off cars and off the live wires that weren’t ripped out.

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  2. We got a tiny bit of rain but the cloud cover has definitely made tonight better than last night. The north valleys nearby had HUGE downpours and hail, but we only got sprinkles.

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  3. It poured over here too! I was driving on the freeway and it started coming down hard! My glasses and windows got really foggy. I pulled over for a few minutes. It stopped then started again. It lasted for a couple of hours. It was a nice surprise 🙂

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