Kat said:  “I said he should be interested in what i talk to him about, because that’s what people who like each other do.”

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially as it applies to my own family, none of whom are interested in learning about chronic pain or what I deal with every day.  I’ve been thinking about how I would react if one of my family members also suffered from a chronic medical condition…  and I don’t think I would ever choose disinterest. In fact, I would do my own research in case I could find something that would help them.

In the past, I’ve made excuses for my family’s disinterest. Lots and lots of excuses. But I think I’m done with that now. I get more support from the blogging community than I do from my own family, and I think that says a lot.

So, to all of you bloggers who have shown interest in me — just want to say gracias, amigas. 🙂

(Photo taken 5/23/2015.)

7 thoughts on “Disinterest

    • I visited your blog earlier today and couldn’t figure out what it was about. I clicked on the architecture site you have listed on the right-hand side, and got this: “It seems we cannot find what you are looking for.” But the two new posts about making money from Amazon and YouTube were interesting. 🙂


  1. I know a fellow blogger in Arizona that deals with a chronic pain issue. I believe her disease is RCPS (I think that is what it is called), she’s pretty much bed ridden 75% of the day, I talk to her daily so I can totally relate to what you are going through. She deals with the same issues daily with her family.

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