Women and Men

As a woman, have you ever pushed aside or thrown away friendships because of a man?  What was the result?  Did you regret it or was it worth it?

15 thoughts on “Women and Men

  1. I have, as a teenager my parents would say that boy n girl can’t be friends. My biggest regret, until now I’m much more hesitant in the company of a man, don’t know how to speak to them

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  2. It happens to me a lot. One of my friends says I do it to her now. She’s single and goes out almost everyday. We used to go out to the bars but it’s rare now. I used to go out after my son went to sleep or after work. After my son’s dad, I was single for five years. I dated but nothing was really special or serious. Anyway, my friend says I don’t have permission to go out anymore lol. Andre doesn’t mind if we go out for drinks after work. Everytime I invite her, she says no. She has a lot of other friends but we still talk because we work together. We had lunch the other day.
    I took it pretty hard when I lost a close friend this year. We were very close but I can’t stand her husband. He’s a jerk and judges everyone. He doesn’t like Hispanics either. To be honest, I don’t even think he likes himself. We drifted apart more when she went back to school. Sometimes I want to reach out but I don’t. I am lost for words. She’s supposed to be moving anyway so I say why bother? People come and go unfortunately. I have two other friends who just got into relationships. We used to go out more but not as much. I’ve learned to like myself and do things alone at times. It feels empowering to go to a bar or restaurant alone. I have Andre and my family and myself.

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    • A friendship shouldn’t have to rely on the ability to go out and party. And when a friend chooses a partner you can’t stand, well, that’s a tough one. Hard to be friends with one part of a couple.

      I’m glad you’ve had the experience of enjoying things alone — you’re right, it is very empowering. Sometimes hard to do in this society that seems to be all couples, but it’s a special feeling when you can conquer that fear. 🙂

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      • I tried to like him but he’s such a Debbie downer. Every time we would all go out, he would be pissed off, yell at the waiters, complain about how shitty the place was, on and on. Seriously, who wants to be around someone like that? Then she started changing too, thinking she was better. I don’t need it so I guess I answered my own question on whether I should reach out or not. Lol.

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  3. Never! I had 3 ex-boyfriends at my wedding.

    Just because a romantic relationship didn’t work doesn’t mean they were bad people. In fact, just the fact I chose them initially and spent a few years with them gives us a long term intimacy. Why throw that away?

    When one guy started getting bothered by my time spent with my ex, I made it clear that the ex was closer to me than he was. Eventually, everyone came around – friendship rules!

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