Gerard Rickhoff, who oversees marriage licenses in Bexar County, Texas, said that if same-sex couples are discriminated against elsewhere in the state, “Just get in your car and come on down the highway. You’ll be embraced here.”

(Photo taken 9/29/2014.)

15 thoughts on “The Dawning Of A New Day

      • Thanks. So noted.
        Ummm….I’ll try and remember how I made mine…..I’ll check, but from memory it was in one of the My Site sections in the drop-down, under Pages. My theme gives me the option of making two pages, one of which defaults to “About”. I changed the title of mine so if anyone wants to email me, they know where to find my contact details.
        Does yours do that? I think some themes offer more than 2 pages. X

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      • Yeah, go to your My Site drop down, look under Publish and click Pages. It’ll tell you there if your theme lets you do an About page or not. I think all of them probably do. Mine says Available Pages, or something similar. I’ve only just looked at it and I’ve already forgotten what it says! X

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        • Lol, I know. I haven’t been finding WP very easy myself. I’ve two more awards to write up, which obv I’m grateful for, but the last battle over getting the links in the right place in my post, along with them being the right links and links that worked – well, I think my brain fell out. So I keep putting it off. Shouldn’t do, really, v rude to ignore an award, but the last one caused me SO much grief, plus no-one I nominated took it up! :-O Lol X

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        • When I’m having a migraine, yes. But red-hot and spiky, and pulsating like an alien’s about to burst my skull open. Rest of the time it looks like a drunken, fluffy, blobby lump of useless jelly.

          Didn’t know I’d made a widget….all I did was save the image and then insert it into the post. Was that wrong, too? And yeah, of course, but I thought it was only me who was having probs making WP work. I thought everyone else said the problems I had with that award post were just me. X

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        • When you receive an award, I think you’re supposed to make it into a widget. But I’m sure your way is fine too. Maybe you could post a picture that represents this “drunken, fluffy, blobby lump of useless jelly”?

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        • I keep looking for snazzy, illustrative pictures, and frankly I’m fucked if I can work out where everyone else finds them (obv yours was a photo that you took, but you know what I mean) I keep looking online, I’ve been through the whole Where To Find Free Images WP thing, but I can’t find anywhere where I can easily find what I want.

          Else I’d LOVE to! X

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      • Go to that menu from one of your own posts – similar menu in blue as part of stats and insights pages, doesn’t do the same thing, apparently. Could just be me being dim, though. Happening a lot lately :-/ So go to one of your posts, click on My Site, go down to Pages and you should find it there. X

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