When I think of groups that advocate for white pride, I think of neo-nazis and racists.  As a white person, I don’t think we have that much to be proud of.  (Which makes David Brooks’ claim that we are suffering from a lack of humility rather interesting, and perhaps ironic, considering he’s a rich white guy.)

White history and how we have treated other races and ethnic groups is quite dismal and embarrassing.  Even though slavery is supposed to be in the past, the drug war has created the “The New Jim Crow,” as explained by Michelle Alexander in her book of the same title.

Although it could be argued that we’re really in the midst of an economic war — the rich vs. the poor — as the criminal justice system can also be described as a debtor’s prison and mental institution.

But when I think of groups that advocate for black or Hispanic pride, I think of minorities standing up for their ethnic backgrounds.

And so when I see the “Asian Pride” sticker on this car, I think, what if it said “White Pride”? Soon, white people will be in the minority, and then will it be okay to see a white pride sticker? Is it only minorities that are allowed to have pride?

If white people had something to be proud of, I might be worried.

3 thoughts on “White Pride

    • The whole race thing is more than just a question of having pride in your history. It’s about the fact that racism exists in every facet of our society, from public schools to housing to prisons.


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