Samsung disables Windows Update

If you have a Samsung laptop, beware: Samsung has apparently disabled the Windows Update feature on many of its laptops, leaving you vulnerable to any security holes which Windows updates are supposed to patch…

Not only did Samsung secretly install an app to disable Windows Update, it even gave that name to the app. Worse yet, even if the user notices this and deliberately re-enables Windows Update, SW Update and Disable_Windowsupdate.exe will disable it again, the next time your computer reboots.

TheNextWeb news, which first brought Barker’s blog post to wider notice, said that “According to a support representative, it’s there to stop the computer from automatically downloading drivers from Windows Update that could be incompatible with the system or cause features to break. … Samsung’s software update service doesn’t actually ship with the application installed, it’s silently downloaded in the background at a later time from a non-HTTP server and installed without asking the user.”

But Gizmodo used less diplomatic phrasing to summarize Samsung’s intent (original vowel replaced with anti-obscenity asterisk): “Windows updates … patch critical security flaws with alarming regularity. So if a manufacturer decided to disable Windows Update to favor its own crappy bloatware, that would be incredibly f*cked. Oh hey there, Samsung!”

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