“I think you have to deal with grief in the sense that you have to recognize that you have it, and say that it’s OK to have all the sadness.”  Ann Richards

“Behind every crime is a story of sadness.”  Enrique Pena Nieto

6 thoughts on “Sadness

        • It’s certainly not all it’s cracked up to be. Takes 2+ hours to have even a mild effect. I can understand why people “accidentally” overdose trying to get pain under control.

          If I wasn’t writing down every time I take every pill, I’d never believe I’d taken them at all. Only my pain/medication log keeps me from taking more and more and more… tempting as it is to achieve a permanent relief.

          If I wasn’t committed to a wonderful guy who deserves the best (I once asked him why he was being so nice to me and he said “Because it makes me feel good about myself”), I sure wouldn’t be putting up with this anymore.

          But we made a pact that if one of us wants to leave (he’s had his own miseries in life), we have to get the other’s agreement. I think of how I’d feel if he did that to me and it makes my stomach heave. That’s what keeps me here. (along with a stubborn, inexplicable, and deeply buried kernel of warped optimism)

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