Making fun of Rachel Dolezal

VIDEO: And Now for the Inevitable Rachel Dolezal Late-Night TV Spoofery

painkills2 • 6 minutes ago
If you were to read other sources of information besides the media, you might learn that there’s a good possibility that Ms. Dolezal is suffering from mental illness because of child abuse. Posts by bloggers like Tina Dupuy (“Rachel Dolezal is Acting Like a Child Abuse Victim Acts”) and Robert M. Goldstein (“Lies and Confabulations”) bring to light information like:

“Rachel Dolezal’s brother, author Joshua Dolezal, faces trial for alleged sexual abuse of a black child”

“In 2013, Joshua was charged with four felony counts of sex abuse of a minor. The incidents, according to an affidavit obtained by the Post, happened at his parents’ home in Colorado “in 2001 or 2002.” The victim “was 6 or 7 years old,” and Joshua Dolezal was “19 years older.” Dolezal allegedly made the victim perform oral sex on him twice and he performed oral sex on the victim “7 or 8” times, allegedly telling the victim “Don’t tell anyone or I’ll hurt you.” The affidavit also lists another allegation of abuse in 1991 of another victim that had a racial element.”

So, go ahead, make fun of this woman. Make ya’ll feel better?

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