Latino children at risk for depression due to authoritarian parenting styles

The study, which was conducted at The University of Texas at Austin’s School of Social Work, looked at how common it was for children to show physical signs of sickness, despite having no physical reason for being sick. This is known as somatization, and researchers believe that these symptoms stem from internalizing anxiety and depression…

Of the children surveyed, nearly 50% of them were at risk for anxiety, with 10% at risk for depression and somatization as well. These rates increased over time and are reflective of the most common childhood mental health issues. In particular, Latino children seemed to display these conditions at a higher level than the general population.

Researchers believe that these numbers may be explained by the parenting styles inherent to Hispanic cultures. In general, Hispanic families tend to put more emphasis on obedience and respect for adult authority. This authoritarian style is characterized by clear rules, high standards, strict punishment, and little communication. These parents can often be highly controlling.

“Our study suggests that the disproportionate risk for anxiety, depression, and suicide attempts observed among Latino, compared to non-Latino, youths begins way before adolescence…

Somatization can be a huge hurdle for a child to overcome as they grow up. They can become very nervous around authority figures, which include teachers. It creates a very challenging learning environment that all children must try to cope with.

3 thoughts on “Latino children at risk for depression due to authoritarian parenting styles

  1. Mine were not just German, but “old school” german. I have to say though, they really changed as they aged. My mom is a real sweetie pie now (now, that I’m permanently damaged by my stupid upbringing). But I give her tons of credit for admitting it was bad – and not just admitting, but she’d definitely do it different now.

    It’s really unfortunate that people raise kids when they’re still so young and unwise themselves. My parents put A LOT of effort into doing their best, according to what they knew at the time. It’s a damn shame and we all suffered from it.

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