My worst fears coming true

This is a post by Zoe about how Social Security Disability believes that if you’re not taking medications (and seeing a doctor regularly) that you’re no longer disabled.  (Just like Unum.) Since I wrote to both Social Security and Medicare explaining my current situation, I expect they will cut off my benefits any day now.  Social Security Disability is the only income I have, so when these benefits are gone, I will be homeless.

Sure, I can fight a ruling that terminates my benefits, but I imagine that’s going to be rather difficult when fighting from my car. And how many months or years would that take? I won’t even have enough money to put my stuff in storage. I suppose I’ll have to load my car with as much of my belongings as possible and then throw away the rest.  Anyone want to buy a sofa?

“In fact, I wouldn’t doubt they hoped I’d finally kill myself (successfully.)”

7 thoughts on “My worst fears coming true

  1. i hope you can find a way to avoid homelessness. start looking now for help–like sign up for sec 8 vouchers, for reg sec 8 bldgs, other ‘affordable’ apartments, places like goodwill can refer you to agencies, or your local Community Action Network (CAN). find several food pantries, and food baskets/boxes that are near you–usually they only let one person at one place per week/month…if you find several, you can go to many each week and have a good supply of food. anyway, look for housing assistance right away, to help keep you in your apartment. try places like ‘save the family’ too.

    i really hope this works out differently.

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      • absolutely. there are tons of people needing the same thing who are not disabled or elderly.

        i know this sounds desperate, but it is also a good idea to scout out shelters. many have social workers that help ppl get signed up for services. even if you are not in one now, if you could talk to a sw, they may be able to tell you where to start.

        there are also agencies that will pay 1 mon rent, electric, water, etc. There are also food kitchens that serve 3 meals a day as well as laundry and mail services offered if you are in a shelter or on the street. they also have voc rehab services for those in shelters/street, to help you get into a transitional place.

        there are also transitional housing (something to ask about at CAN or UnitedWay) programs, if you can get on list now, may have opening when you need it.

        (when i can to AZ i had to live with my ex for 7 mos, but on the first day, he started right in like before we split…i had nothing and nowhere to go, but i refused to let him treat me that way anymore. so i left, found my way by bus to a shelter, and the folks there were very helpful in telling you where basic services were and who to talk to to start to get more permanent situation, so i stayed in a shelter for a few days)

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        • also, you might have a general ‘help’ phone number in your area to call to get referrals to services. here is its ‘211’. it would be in the government pages section of the phone book, or online search for community referral services (or something along those lines-that’s what it’s called here). it can help you find agencies for your needs too.

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  2. I can imagine the worry, I’ve experienced similar in the distant past and with new benefit cuts on the way in the UK, I am never foolish to take it all for granted. I’m hoping it all works out for you soon

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