Feds enlist international help against sales of unapproved drugs


This week the FDA took action against against more than 1,050 websites, many based in other countries, that it says illegally sell potentially dangerous, unapproved prescription medicines and medical devices to U.S. consumers…

The FDA says there is a distinct pattern to the illegal drugs being sold to U.S. consumers. Many claim to be FDA-approved generic versions of brand name drugs and include “Generic Nolvadex,” “Generic Meridia,” “Generic Valium,” “Generic Truvada” and “Generic Advair Diskus.”

Why would U.S. consumers risk breaking the law by purchasing these drugs online? Perhaps they don’t realize it is illegal or that the drugs might be unapproved knock-offs or out-and-out fakes. It’s also possible they turn to shadowy Internet salesmen because the drugs they need are either hard to find in the U.S. or prohibitively expensive…

Patients with chronic and specialized diseases routinely face huge costs for the drugs used to treat their conditions. People with multiple sclerosis (MS) provide a case in point.

On Thursday a federal court invalidated a patent, clearing the way for the sale of a generic form of Copaxone, a common drug in the treatment of MS. However, The New York Times reports the new generic version of Copaxone will still cost around $63,000 a year…

One thought on “Feds enlist international help against sales of unapproved drugs

  1. whein i was going thru issues with my medicare and medicaid, getting it sorted who pays for what and who i have to go to to get both insurances to pay, there came a time i was unable to see a psychiatrist for about 9 mons, and that meant no rx’s. if these online pharmacies had not been there, i would have completely gone downhill while waiting, which would have made it difficult to even follow up on getting a doc, etc. these online pharmacies saved my life when there were no other options.

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