Where to buy marijuana


Where to buy marijuana in Albuquerque: This is not that easy in ABQ, the only place I have ever bought weed on the street is on Central Avenue near the gay clubs at San Pedro…

It is a little difficult to find bud in this town if you don’t have a connect. You have to realize NM is home to many heads who don’t want to deal with small time selling. I wouldn’t heed the advice to look on central’s streets for it. Lived here my whole life and never bought on the streets. The best bet is to go to any reggae show (numerous in this town) or Hip hop venue and look for some ras/hippie type cats. Clubs and bars are a good spot, but beware of approaching the “harder” thug types, these guys are more into coke than bud; and will rip you off in a heartbeat! Abq can be a dangerous town when dealing with the “homies” so trust your better judgement. you’ll find these guys usually sell the brick, which is ok and cheap considering mexico is a hop skip and a jump away.

Law enforcement: Just dont cause trouble and they usually will leave you alone. They have better things to do, you might want to avoid hard drugs at all costs, they don’t play around with that. Be careful smoking in cars around town. New DWI will have you thrown in jail and with fines around $1500. There is plenty of DWI roadblocks around town after 10pm, so be extra careful. Smoking in parks and outdoors in usually ok, downtown and in NobHill is a little dangerous due to bike cops.


The 2015 Vans Warped Tour hits Albuquerque, NM on June 23rd!

Don’t want to order online? You can pick up your Warped tickets at select Walmarts, Krogers, Simon Malls and more!


Warped offers one complimentary parent admission to accompany a minor (under 18) that has purchased a ticket to a 2015 Warped Tour show….




The Albuquerque Social Club is an oasis in the middle of the desert. Come, drink a beer, smoke something legal, it’s still ok here…

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