Page 1
A plant would be nice
to keep me company
One that did not
trigger my allergies

Page 2
My plant needed a name
an identity
I christened him “Bud”
It had a nice ring

Page 3
I watered my Bud
quite faithfully
He grew day by day

Page 4
At the window each day
sat my Bud and me
Watching the world go by
In perfect harmony

Page 5
One day he bloomed
for everyone to see
All purple and green
My Bud, in full glory

Page 6
On Blooming Day
just like in a movie
a rich man strolled by
and froze like a statue
in awe of Bud’s beauty

Page 7
He offered me money
unlimited bounty
to take my friend, Bud
far away from me

Page 8
But the man didn’t know
about Bud’s history
See, Bud was an alien
from another galaxy

Page 9
While the rich man slept
My Bud went to work
taking over his brain
his mental capacity

Page 10
And that’s why today
we’ve finally achieved
desperately needed
All thanks to
My Bud and me!

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