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  1. I hope that Katrina tries again. I don’t care if people want to ‘whine’, I do! I’m doing it for myself ultimately, but I really wanna help folks who are just giving up. That’s why I write here. If you are hearing this Katrina, stick around!πŸ’œ and ((hugs))

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        • The pingback shows up under the comments, so I’m sure she’s seen it. When you post a link to someone else’s post, it leaves a pingback. Under WP Admin, Settings, Discussion, check “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks).”

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        • Thanks πŸ™‚

          Talking of links…..where TF do I find the link to someone’s blog, if not in the address bar? Usually, if I click on the address in the address bar, it auto-changes to the site and page name, which I can then copy-paste to wherever. But for some reason, despite the links coming up as links, all the characters being correct, double checking via my followers list that sites are still active and that the name is still the same as it appears in the address bar, there are some I CANNOT get to work. Was up til 5am this morning trying to sort it out, no good, please help if you know WFT I’m getting wrong! X

          Maybe Kat hasn’t been on her computer. She would have been touched if she’d seen your post. It was such a lovely thing to do πŸ™‚ I’m positive she wouldn’t ignore something like that. I hope she’s ok.

          How are you today, before I collapse back to sleep again and or make a bathroom dash, Lol.

          L. X

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        • Already got that ticked πŸ™‚ Still don’t understand how to do half the things on here that everyone else does. I know MY posts send a pingback to search engines, because when I tried to follow a recommendation about using an external pingback site, the external site said they already knew I’d made a new post in the last two seconds.

          Ah, the deep humiliation of being a newbie! And I thought I was computer literate. I don’t even understand the help files :-/

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        • Can you be more specific about the “address bar”? I’m confused about what you’re trying to do.

          And since I’ve liked numerous comments from her on other people’s blogs, I know she’s around. She’s also made an additional post since the last one, so she appears to be okay.


        • The bar at the top of the screen, the space where the web address appears, like at the moment, doing this comment, my address bar says “wordpress.com” with a padlock sign in front of it.

          What I’m trying to do is put working clickable links in the Encouraging Thunder post, so that people can click on the links and be taken to that site.

          Cass’s keeps going to a page that says something about a server problem but I can access her site just fine.

          One link works, and is a http address. Another one works, but with an httpS address.

          None of the other three work. Yadadarcyyada is dot com site, not a wordpress.com site, but doesn’t work with either http or https as prefix. Finding Out Fibro, which I can access just fine from my followers list, comes up as “Findingfibro.wordpress.com does not exist”, even though the link says FindingOUTfibro.

          All the sites are active. I just can’t get the means of their page/site addresses into my post, even though I’ve used the Add Media button. They come up as links, but three out of five aren’t working.

          Kat – how odd. :-/

          L. X

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        • I call that the URL, which is also the web address. I’m not sure why some of yours aren’t working, because when I copy and paste the URLs you posted, they work fine. But when I click on some of them, they don’t. I get this explanation:

          “The server at yadadacryyada.com can’t be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website’s name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.”

          Usually when I get an error like that, I’ve lost my internet connection. That happens to me a lot, especially when I have a Windows update waiting to download. But I don’t understand why this error message is coming up for you.

          I did notice that when I add a slash at the end of Cass’s website, it works, so maybe that’s a problem? Doesn’t make sense, because the others work without the slash.

          Sorry, I’m no computer guru. πŸ™‚


  2. Yes, the URL is always in the address bar. I also know it as my browser.

    No, I don’t understand it either. Usually, if I’ve been dumped offline (happens quite often due to router being shite, restart always reconnects me) I get a very specific “Your ipad is not connected to the internet” message.

    Are you saying the links in my post work as clickable links for you, or do they only work if you copy paste them in your browser? Two of them work as clickable links for me, the other three don’t. Cass’s gives me a server problem message, even though I go to her site most days with no issues, the other two say the address/URL doesn’t exist. Findingoutfibro even manages to lose the “out” when I click on it. And the same link, same format, same characters, everything, when I click on it in the follower’s list, takes me to her site with no problems.

    I tried adding /, though strictly speaking / is used before another bit of address that takes you to a specific page, like blah.com/about, so shouldn’t be needed, didn’t make any difference, but I’ll try it again.

    (Your theme is still hiding the Post button and will only give it up if I insert a million line spaces in my comments…….aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    I think somewhere along the line, WP is putting the wrong info within the links. Or something. Have explored every avenue and now sick of seeing trees. More frustrating than fibro.

    Thanks for trying to shed some light though. Think iPad + WP = black hole. Ain’t no flashlight bright enough.

    And I’m not stupid, but when it comes to “help” pages telling me to reconfigure my DNS or reassign ports and rebuild my device from scratch, frankly they can piss off! I came here to write on an automatic website, not build my own from scratch! Lol. X


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    • “Are you saying the links in my post work as clickable links for you, or do they only work if you copy paste them in your browser? Two of them work as clickable links for me, the other three don’t.”

      I didn’t try all the links, but your experience is probably the same as mine.

      There’s a website that I have the same problems with in comments, especially if they’re longer than a paragraph or two. The post button disappears and even adding all the extra spaces doesn’t make it come back. Usually I try to refresh (after copying my comment), and when that doesn’t work, I split the comment into two different ones.

      Reconfigure DNS, reassign ports… Obviously, you know more about computers than I do. Maybe you should try a google search for iPads and WordPress. You might find others having the same problems.

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  3. Re knowing more about computers…….ROFLMAO! I know nothing! I’m baffled by the help files. It’s a whole different language. I wouldn’t know a DNS if it bit me on the arse and said, “Hello, I’m a DNS!” And yes, I’ve googled ipad-WP problems, and there seem to be many reported, and no solutions. Sigh. Next stop, digging out the laptop. But seeing as so many other bloggers who use pc platforms have just as many problems, I’m not holding my breath.

    Right. Time to drag self through sludge and wet concrete and brain fog. In need of monthly script meds, running out of criticals, should have fetched them last week but too knackered.
    Have a better day,
    L. X

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