Never trust an insurance company

Health insurance issuers must provide online access to a copy of the individual coverage policy for each plan or group certificate of coverage. These documents must be made publicly available to all potential consumers prior to when a consumer applies, so they are clearly informed about what a plan will and will not offer…

Have you ever tried to read an insurance policy?  It’s just a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

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Carol Newman Otto · Works at Sabre Corporation
Its not shopping rates that is a problem. Its getting help when the insurance you select has a problem. I picked an insurance plan from the many available. I specifically asked if my doctor was on the plan. I was assured that she was. When I tried to make an appointment, I found out my doctor was not on the plan. I’ve contested it but it looks like its gonna take months to resolve this issue. In the meantime my medications need to be renewed and I’m gonna have to play hundreds of dollars to see my doctor, when an annual physical should be a covered expense. Frustrating!

3 thoughts on “Never trust an insurance company

  1. true. or could see another doc in network right away and still get yearly exam covered and meds filled. could do this temporarily until the contested doc is decided one way or the other.

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