Continue funding Vets4Warriors

For nearly 4 years, Vets4Warriors has been one of the only organizations in the country providing mental health peer support by veterans, for veterans and troops. The confidential program has helped thousands of our men and women in uniform connect with people who truly understand their hardships. It has saved many lives. Now, the Department of Defense (DoD) wants to stop funding Vets4Warriors just when it is needed most.

My name is Tess, and my partner is one of the amazing vets that provides peer counseling services through Vets4Warriors — a 24/7 anonymous hotline for troops in need. It has proven so important, because many veterans simply shut down around civilians who haven’t experienced what they have, and who haven’t personally struggled with war-related PTSD and other veteran-specific mental health issues. During the past 3 years, roughly 110,000 servicemen and women have opened up to counselors at Vets4Warriors. That averages 100 calls per day…

My partner, along with all the veterans who serve with passion at Vets4Warriors, is under contract and not allowed to speak up for the program — this is why I’m raising my voice, and why you should, too. A bipartisan group of respected lawmakers is already asking the DoD to reconsider its decision, but a show of support from people like you would go far to preserving Vets4Warriors, so it can continue to be there for the people who fight for our freedoms.

Rebekkah Martin BREWER, ME
As a funeral director, I have seen too many vets die senselessly due to PTSD. Please keep this program going.

Julie Knickerbocker SPRING, TX
In honor of my nephew Jordan who committed suicide.

Even though I posted a comment, it doesn’t show up.  Is it because I mentioned medical cannabis?  If my comment doesn’t show up, how many others don’t either?  I know a lot of people use, but I don’t trust that website.

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