Violence and abuse create a huge blister on your soul. We can cover up that blister with things like drugs, food, numbness, and apathy — and by blaming ourselves, turning the poison inwards, creating feelings like shame.

We can create callouses and scar tissue to cover the blister, but the poison still remains. Our brains will try to see through the poison and scar tissue, trying to make sense of the pain, no matter how hard we try to block it. The results are suffering from anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It’s the brain’s way of saying, “Hey, the poison is still here!” You can only fool your brain for so long. And it’s very hard to function when our brain and our soul is full of poison and pain.

Who created the poison? The abuser. If we still have contact with them, the poison just grows and grows, making it harder to cover up. I don’t know how you could get rid of the poison without cutting off contact.

You deserve to free yourself of the poison. And the abuser deserves… not a damn thing.

(Photo taken 10/14/2014.)

11 thoughts on “Poison

  1. you are right….there’s no cure for such things but I’ve been cured countless times before . Know what? It’s love, nature and music …of course God this is the only cure. I’ve been there and it’s a proven truth.Sorry,if I’m very pushy at times


      • God let things happen for us to learn and retaliate at the end. I, left home leaving my children with the care of my in_laws seeking my own happiness and peace of mind from the onslaught of my abusive husband. God helps but first, we must help ourselves and protect those who suffers abuse. We must act remember GOd is not accepted in this world he suffers abuse too but like a lamb ready for slaughter he keeps his silence …that is Jesus Christ himself the son of God but choose his fate so we always have a choice.


        • Your god doesn’t “let” anything happen. Humans do that. And if you believe your god wants us to protect those who suffer from abuse, then why did you leave your children in the care of your husband’s parents? Who do you think taught your husband to be abusive? Think he learned that all by himself?

          You can praise or blame your god for what happens in life, believing he helps us if we help ourselves, or you can take responsibility for your own actions and force others to do the same.

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        • I take responsibility by doing so, He did try to compromise and realize his mistakes . I gain my freedom from restraints and constrainst but It needs time to truly heal from the trauma so, I need time with my family who understand me.


        • love and support from family is really important we need thier prayers and help. Find someone to help, of course God is not with us but he will send earth angels to help you.


  2. I wish I had an abuser to confront, I have to go back to combat for that. Our depressions are different, that’s all. I hope that your abuser finds Karma! 💪🌞🌵💆👀💜🌄 stay strong, sister, and I’m sending you positive vibes from the universe and some sunshine from Arizona!

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