Have you ever found mold on food from the grocery store?

I have, in a package of shredded cheese.  After I bought it, of course.  And no, the “use by” date had not expired.  Sure, I complained, but driving back to the grocery store to get a refund is not cost efficient, even with the lower price of gas.  Is this a problem with refrigeration or because the products have to travel such a long way before they end up on the grocery store shelves?

How long does it take for mold to grow on packaged donuts?  How old are these (pretend) donuts before they’re ever put on the shelves?


Walgreens of Deerfield, Ill., is recalling Nice! Powdered Sugar Mini Donuts. Mold was observed on some products…

4 thoughts on “Have you ever found mold on food from the grocery store?

  1. hmmm that is not a good sign. or maybe im just hurrying things along to the next shopping trip, by buying them pre molded. we all know its going to get moldy eventually, so why not just cut to the chase and buy them already molded 😉

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      • just being silly. seriously, premolded food is probably something that should be avoided. im guessing it is either time from picked to shelved or uneven temps during travel or whatnot. there is probably a lot of pre molded food actually; they probably catch most of it when it is delivered to the store and the store opens them and tosses the already bad items. maybe sometimes they just miss a couple. i really don’t want it to be a new ‘trending’ event.

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