Crooked Cops Busted Lying Under Oath During Marijuana Case

A report from The Chicago Tribune indicates that Cook County prosecutors have filed perjury charges against four veteran cops, three of which worked the narcotics division, for providing false testimony in a case last year in which marijuana was discovered during a traffic stop.

In 2014, four Chi-Town police officers swore under oath that the odor of marijuana is what provoked officer William Pruente to pull Joseph Sperling from his vehicle and initiate a search—leading to the discovery of almost a pound of pot in his backpack.

However, Sperling’s attorney nailed this testimony to the cross after entering video footage obtained from the cop’s cruiser cam that forced a fifth officer to admit, while on the stand, that all of her colleagues were lying.

The video shows officer Pruente reaching into Sperling’s vehicle through an open window to unlock the door immediately after pulling him over. The cop then drags Sperling out of the car and begins to pat him down. Yet, all of the officers testified that Pruente supposedly smelled marijuana while waiting for Sperling to produce his driver’s license and registration—the video proves that never happened…

Several defense attorneys, including Cook County Public Defender Amy Campanelli, say that false testimony provided by crooked cops has become such an epidemic in Chicago it is often referred to as “testilying.”

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