A 13-year-old girl has committed suicide after her dad publicly shamed her in a YouTube video. Izabel Laxamana jumped from a bridge on May 29, just days after her dad Jeff cut off her hair and posted a video of the punishment online.

It has been reported locally that Izabel, from Tacoma, Washington, walked out of a car before jumping off a bridge onto Interstate 5 – the main highway on the US west coast. She was taken to a Seattle hospital, where she died on Saturday.

Speculation is now growing about whether the 15-second video – which has been removed – led to Izabel’s death.

During the video, the girl can be seen looking into the camera as the lens pans to where her long dark locks lie scattered on the floor.

A male voice can be heard saying: “The consequences of getting messed up, man, you lost all that beautiful hair.”

He then asks her: “Was it worth it?”

She replies “no” before he asks: “How many times did I warn you?”

She quietly replies: “A lot.”

It is still not clear why Izabel was in trouble with her father.

The News Tribune quotes reports on social media that the schoolgirl was upset after being banned from running for a position on the student body. A statement said the girl did not have parental permission to participate as a candidate…

(Photo taken today.)

6 thoughts on “Thinking of you, Izabel Laxamana

  1. Dumbfuck hurt his daughter for internet fame. A million parents going, “I’d do the same thing if my kid misbehaved.” Well, this is what happens. Public shaming is bullying. Punishment is not bullying.

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