Three Reasons Not to Prescribe Tramadol

There is little evidence to suggest that tramadol provides better pain relief than acetaminophen or ibuprofen…

As only a small portion of these symptoms come from the opioid receptor, traditional antagonists such as naloxone have limited efficacy when used to treat a tramadol overdose…

6 thoughts on “Three Reasons Not to Prescribe Tramadol

  1. I’ve tried tramadol, dyhydracodeine (wrong spelling!) and the best is Co-codamol, apparently not as strong a painkiller, but I put a lot of emphasis on the paracetamol

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  2. Tramadol makes me projectile vomit. It’s a dirty drug. Gives me blinding migraine within twenty minutes, too. It’s been listed by my GP (who didn’t prescribe it for me, another practice GP did, despite my warning her about my intolerances) as one of the many drugs I can’t be given. X

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