The beehive population has dropped from 5 million to 2.5 million since the 1940s. That is a significant decrease and has scientists worried. Pesticides have been blamed and so have our cell phones — they are emitting radiation that could just be wiping the bee population out.

Now the fear is that bees are getting dementia. A study published on PLoS ONE, says aluminum, “one of the most significant environmental contaminants of recent times,” could be responsible for the pollinators’ decline…

Tiny it may be, but a bee’s brain is very complex and studies have found that bees have a pretty good memory. Memory is a high-level cognitive function that involves the ability to remember places, facts and events and studies have confirmed the existence of a map-like, spatial memory in the honeybee…

(Photo taken 5/22/2015.)

2 thoughts on “The buzz on bees with dementia

  1. interesting. and how exactly can we duplicate pollination if there are not enough bees? and how can we make them increase in numbers, if we don’t stop the things that led to their decline in the first place?

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