12 thoughts on “New $25 blood test can identify every virus you’ve ever had

  1. I’ve just tried again, using the reblog button under your original post, added a question to it, hit post it to effing fibro, and it goes straight to the article page, not to a reblogged version of your post. Any idea why it’s doing that?

    Also, I’m having huge probs putting comments on here, specifically on your site. The page keeps covering the Post/send / whatever it says button. I have to open and close my keypad (ipad) and do all sorts before the button

    eventually shows on screen enough to press it. Has anyone else ever had the same issue, do you know?

    Thanks 🙂

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    • Yeah, I saw that you mentioned that problem in one of your posts, but I’m no expert. What I’ve found is that sometimes the website that I’m viewing doesn’t download all the way, leaving blanks where graphics should be. And sometimes on comments, the Post Comment disappears. Refreshing the page works sometimes, but not always.

      I think these kinds of problems are sometimes due to updates messing with the way my computer and internet connection works — I have Windows 8.1, which has updates every day. Also, I use Verizon Wireless, and I often lose my connection and have to reboot my wireless adapter, which interferes with how I can view pages.

      I’ve never used an iPad or mobile phone to access the internet, so those uses could come with specific problems I’m not aware of. And there are issues on WordPress that continue to stump me. Sorry I can’t be of much help.


  2. That all sounds familiar. Opening and closing the keyboard on an ipad is the same as refreshing on a pc, and as you say, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think it must be a wordpress issue. Something similar happens when I’m writing a new post. The bars top and bottom obscure text, and I have to insert extra space lines to see what I’ve written, then take them out before publishing.

    Thanks for the help you’ve given. X

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