This is the Drug War

“He [Kalief Browder] wanted the public to know what he had gone through, so that nobody else would have to endure the same ordeals…  Browder could be a very private person, and he told almost nobody about meeting O’Donnell or Jay Z. “

I dislike having to publish my ordeals involving intractable pain, probably as much as you dislike reading about them.  But not only do I hope that my personal information may help other pain patients, since our stories are not being told in the media or in front of the politicians who make all the rules and regulations, I also hope my blog serves as a public record of what pain patients have to go through to find and access treatment.

I’m sorry if my struggles are sad and depressing, but think about how I feel.  This is my life.  I’ve had to face these struggles every moment of every day for the past 30 years.  I wish I could keep my medical and personal information private, but privacy is a luxury I can no longer afford.  This, my friends, is the Drug War.

3 thoughts on “This is the Drug War

  1. is is indeed, and so disgusting and frustrating. the system in place forgets that all is made up of real people with real problems who don’t fit nicely into their little pigeon hole categories.

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