Why Stephen Hawking says he’d consider assisted suicide


Hawking is a known supporter of the controversial practice of assisted suicide, in which the elderly or people with particularly painful or terminal illnesses can take their own lives peacefully, with the assistance of someone like a physician…

“To keep someone alive against their wishes is the ultimate indignity,” Hawking said, according to the Telegraph. “I would consider assisted suicide only if I were in great pain or felt I had nothing more to contribute but was just a burden to those around me.” …

2 thoughts on “Why Stephen Hawking says he’d consider assisted suicide

  1. Assisted suicide is obviously a very controversial issue. I have moved heaven and earth to survive for my kids and husband and yet there have been very dark times in my life too but that said, the sun keeps rising each day and eventually the dark clouds lift. Suicide is such a permanent thing. No turning back. That aspect of it doesn’t sit well with me.

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