Christina Dawn Dew
I surely miss you
your laugh and your giggle
your sparkle and sizzle

your love of the water
soft skin and baby smell
the sounds that you made
always dressed in pastels

trying to teach you
to say my name
but you were too young
for that kind of game

Won’t ever forget you
Think of you always
Wishing you were here
I’d whisper in your ear

I miss you, my dear

So young when you left
forever bereft
your memories I hold
as if they were gold

This pain that I feel
when I think of you
still sharp, like a knife
and still makes me blue

Nothing I can do
to change reality
just wanted you to know
wish it had been me

Would not want you to suffer
Would not want you in pain
And for that I am glad
I’ll never see you again

(Photo taken yesterday.)

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