As I was checking out at the grocery store yesterday, I noticed the cashier gave me the senior discount.  It’s 10% off the total — that’s a pretty good freaking discount.  Heck, I didn’t even know that seniors get discounts on groceries.  Some women might have been offended, but it was the best thing that’s happened to me all year.

I was going to say something about not being old enough for the discount because I didn’t want the cashier to get in trouble.  I mean, I waited while she looked at my driver’s license, thinking she would notice…  I was all ready to fess up.  Really.

But then I remembered the time I left a case of bottled water underneath my buggy at this store, basically paying for a product I never took home.  I’m figuring the store just re-stocked it after I left.  So, when the cashier didn’t notice her error, I kept quiet.  That’s not like me, and I felt a little guilty about it today, but the guilt didn’t last long.  Dude, I just saved almost $8 — I’m a happy camper. 😀

(No, that’s not me in the featured photo.)

5 thoughts on “Senior discount

  1. I had gray hair early in my 20’s and when I was in the 40’s and 50’s the teenagers working at the fast food place kept giving me the senior discount. I couldn’t decided whether to be insulted or just take the discount and run. I took it. That was for the humiliation. 🙂

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