NIH’s Drug Lab Is Shut Down After FDA Finds Quality Failures

The lab makes drugs that are used in government-sponsored clinical trials at the NIH hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Operations at the lab have been suspended…

Concerns were first raised in April, when two vials used for experiment studies were found to have fungal contamination. A subsequent FDA inspection in May found that the facility wasn’t completely sterile…

The suspension comes after the U.S. Defense Department inadvertently sent samples that carried live anthrax, a deadly bacterium, to laboratories across the U.S. and potentially three foreign countries…

2 thoughts on “NIH’s Drug Lab Is Shut Down After FDA Finds Quality Failures

  1. What? How does that happen? I mean, aren’t the extremely dangerous viruses locked up somewhere with a big red button and/or sign saying ‘EXTREMELY DANGEROUS VIRUS! DO NOT TOUCH!’

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    • Allegedly, the viruses are killed before they’re sent. Allegedly, some people/agencies need these viruses to practice and prepare for deadly outbreaks. And the Defense Department uses them in training and probably in preparation to attack other countries. Testing and research can be full of risks, although a red warning button on each container might help.

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