Man Decides World’s Busiest Airport Is A Good Place To Openly Carry A Loaded AR-15

Jim Cooley was armed with the weapon — complete with an extended capacity 100-round drum — when he went to drop his daughter off for a flight last Friday. Following the enactment of new state legislation in 2014, it’s actually legal to carry a rifle in the open in the airport, so long as the holder doesn’t attempt to pass through airport security…

Multiple police officers approached Cooley while he was in the airport and asked about the weapon, after which he replied he was carrying it for safety. Officers can be heard talking with Cooley in videos of the interactions he later uploaded to YouTube.

“You have quite a few people afraid because calls are coming in left and right,” an officer tells Cooley in one of the videos. “People’s fears are not my responsibility,” he replies. “If you’re detaining me, then I’m going to have to file a lawsuit.” …

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Robert Foy · Top Commenter · Atlanta, Georgia
How much you want to bet that if this was a black guy, his brains would have been splattered on the pavement?

Prove me wrong. For any “false equivalency” types, please link any video/article of a black guy exorcising open carry, especially at a place like an airport, without getting arrested/detained/shot at/killed.

Dare you. Double dare you.

And see what happens if you carry around a joint in public.

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