Legally Blind Man Gets Racist Note For Using Parking Spot For The Disabled

“The only thing handicap on you is your brain you LAZY niggers,” said the note, which White posted on Facebook:

White told the local Fox station that he does not use a cane or wear sunglasses, so his disability may not be immediately visible.

“From a distance, I’m a tall, healthy-looking, strong guy so people don’t think ‘disabled,'” he told the station.  He wrote on Facebook that he has had problems before with people who don’t believe he is disabled because he doesn’t suffer from an immediately visible condition…

The Invisible Disabilities Association has more information on coping with conditions that are not immediately visible.

Chronic pain is not always visible either.  Come to think of it, racism can be invisible also; that is unless you’re a jerk and leave cruel notes on disabled people’s cars.

2 thoughts on “Legally Blind Man Gets Racist Note For Using Parking Spot For The Disabled

  1. Disabled bays really get on my nerves. I am disabled and went to great lengths to get a disabled bay outside my home. Trouble is, it is not a legally enforceable bay and people can park there without a blue badge, like today, a 20 year old parks there all day, while I need to go in search of another space gggrrrrr. Anyway, I digress… I couldn’t help wonder how a legally blind man drives a car in the first place

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