Why Are Prisoners Dying in County Jail?


Smart, 39 years old, was epileptic, and he told his jailers as much: He could go into an intense seizure if he didn’t take his prescribed medication twice a day. Employees of Corizon ignored those instructions, according to Harris. A little before 11 p.m. on Jan. 5, a day after his booking, Smart seized up. The jail employees on duty mistook his convulsions for resistance, so he was handcuffed and shackled, Harris says and records confirm. About half an hour later, paramedics arrived, and Smart was taken to a nearby hospital unaffiliated with Corizon. There, he was pronounced dead…

Three additional deaths followed at Allegheny County Jail, the most recent on May 20 and May 21. The county has announced that on Aug. 31, it will end its contract, three years early, with Corizon Health, the biggest company in the nation providing medical services to U.S. jails and prisons. Corizon, with annual revenue of about $1.5 billion, has faced claims from Arizona to Florida, which it denies. Now, New York City may end its contract with Corizon at Rikers Island, according to the news website DNA Info…

American Health Care:  Making money off the poor, disabled, and desperate — Every. Single. Day.

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