Today’s Smokers Are Having a Harder Time Quitting

Over the last 25 years, cigarette consumption by smokers in the United States decreased by almost one-third. Over that same period, however, many tobacco companies reengineered cigarettes to more efficiently deliver the nicotine that keeps their customers coming back…

Not only are today’s cigarettes different — so are smokers. They are more likely to experience stress, worry, and depression regardless of their income. Recent research shows that it is quitting that brings stress relief rather than the other way around; cigarette addiction itself is a source of stress, anxiety, and depression. As the number of smoke-free environments increased, and because smokers smoke fewer cigarettes on average, today’s smokers generally wait longer between cigarettes. This delay increases the psychological and emotional reward value of each cigarette…

Ostracized from private homes, work, cars, and public spaces, many smokers report high levels of shame when they leave social gatherings to get a nicotine fix. Our cultural norm of self-help places the burden of quitting, and blame of failure, squarely on smokers’ shoulders. Self-help, however, is clearly not working for many struggling to quit…

We can start by requiring manufacturers to limit or taper permitted nicotine levels in cigarettes. All tobacco and nicotine products should be standardized and openly disclose their nicotine levels, and how much is absorbed into smokers’ bodies the same way people track calories or carbohydrates…

If dispensaries are required to have labels on cannabis products, including THC levels, why not cigarettes?

14 thoughts on “Today’s Smokers Are Having a Harder Time Quitting

      • Awesome! only $30 investment. Ego2go vape is a good yet still inexpensive one. comes with battery, charger cord (usb), tank and wick.

        depending on your tastes, you could replace entire tank when airflow goes to crap, for $6, (about once to twice a month), or you could get a tank whose wick you just take out and replace with another wick (and keep the tank) for about $2.50/wick and $8 for the tank to start with. Also, batteries run out after 6 months or so, as in they don’t hold their charge long enough, and replacement batteries are about $15.

        Juices, yummy ejuices, come in all kinds of flavors (my fave is mocha-only one i get). Depending on the flaves you like and the ones available at the smoke shop you frequent, you can get these in a variety of nicotine levels and a variety of, I get a 24mgs of nicotine in a 10 ml bottle, for $9. You can get nicotine levels at 24, 28, 12, 6mgs and 0mgs. depending on brands sold at your outlet, and some are smaller bottles than 10mls, and are about $4.

        So, for me, I smoke about one bottle of ejuice a week. so that’s give or take 5 bottles a month. $50/mo

        Plus i replace wicks only, so with a $8 investment in that kind of tank, I now replace the wick only 2x/month at $5.

        So, ordinarily, I spend $55/mo on vape items. Which is a lot better than $75/carton, at 4/month.

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        • How did you know which strength to get? And do you clean the vape pen or just replace the tank? What about the area where your mouth goes? How do you clean that?

          Wick… funny name. šŸ™‚

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        • well, 24mgs nicotine is the same as a regular smoke, and is the highest mg you can get. you can wean yourself down if you like quite easily and still keep vaping even with 0mg ejuice.

          to clean the mouthpiece, simply rinse it with running water or whatev. although i have never had to do that. i think just removing it to fill the tank keeps it pretty clean from handling it.

          the parts of the vape from top to bottom are Mouthpiece, the Tank, the Wick (which is inside the tank). it’s what really gets dirty, because the wicks eventually get clogged with juice. So, you can either toss the tank, wick and all, and get a $6 replacement, or buy a different kind of tank for about $8, that you never have to replace because you only replace the wicks, which are $2.50. The last part of the vape is the battery, which mostly lasts around 6mos, depending on how expensive it was. they are usually $15 or so for a cheaper one (Ego2go brand). some other brands do last longer, but the cost isn’t worth it to me. also, you can buy mouthpieces if you need, or just get a new tank, whichever tank you go with, disposable or wick only disposable. but i don’t think you’ll have a problem with them being dirty.

          if you want to get really fancy (like my ex) you go to a specialist vape shop and buy these really powerful batteries that last forever, buy the actual pieces that make up the burner and wick and tank and customize them, and you can even make your own ejuice, which im told (by my ex) is much cheaper. except you have this rather large initial outlay but then things on it last longer….so, i guess it comes out even.

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        • oh, and remember, there is no smoke smell, no discoloration of walls. the ‘smoke’ you exhale is actually purely water vapor, as the only other ingredient is the nicotine, which you inhaled and absorbed. and it fits in your pocket or your purse and you don’t need lighters!

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        • I can’t thank you enough for all this info! I’m gonna check it out. My only concern is what’s in the vape juice, as I know there aren’t any regulations — I mean, only nicotine? C’mon, there are flavors and other, I dunno, chemicals. (Not like it could be worse than a cigarette.) But how do you know which brand to trust?

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