Blame for HIV outbreak in Indiana

Many in Indiana are blaming their recent HIV outbreak on abuse of prescription pain medications, but the real reasons include:

How Indiana’s healthcare infrastructure has been deteriorating over the past 20 years. Many HIV/STD clinics have shut down due to lack of funding – forcing residents to travel hours to be properly tested…

How even though disease numbers must be reported to the state, there’s no requirement to notify local counties. This loophole created the “perfect storm,” Segall says, where Scott County officials were the last to know they had an epidemic brewing in their own backyard…

Blog Shares from my Site Stats

Since I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, I didn’t know that a few of my WordPress posts were shared on those sites.  Well, not very many of them, but still, I found it interesting.  And I don’t know how someone shares one of my posts on Google or Press This — in fact, I recently asked someone to explain “Freshly Pressed” to me, but no one responded.

Total Shares : 62

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Twitter:  27
Press This:  4
Google:  2

Why I Ride Harley-Davidson

For a person like myself who served in the military for almost 9 years. Who also went to combat twice, once in 2003-2004 and again in 2005-2006 I came back with many physical injuries (no body parts missing). But the worst injuries are the ones you can’t see. Those injuries are PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). The memories, flashbacks, night-sweats and anger issues at times are are calmed by a wonderful woman in my life. My wife. But still there is that 50% that she can’t help. That’s where my Harley-Davidson has come in to play…

After my one and only time riding on the back of a motorcycle, I burned my leg on the exhaust pipe.  No, that’s not a joke, that’s actually what happened. 🙂

But that doesn’t mean I can’t take pictures of motorcycles — although these don’t look like Harleys, not that I could tell the difference.

(Photo taken 5/18/2015.)

No Turning Back

The brain is the trunk
attached to the roots
twisted and gnarled
misshapen, now loose

The branches are nerves
thin and spread out
touching the air
feeling with doubt

The leaves are what grow
from your hopes and your dreams
but when there’s no rain
no growth can be seen

The branches turn dry
and brittle and black
The tree, it dies slowly
there’s no turning back

(Photo taken 3/28/2015.)

“Will you come and see me suffer?”

(8 hours ago) Someone from Centralia, WA writes:
after 12 years of pain med treatment for spine work injury and re injury – I was sent away when my doctor left clinic. they have been weeding out chronic pain patients for years. These meds allowed me to move and function all this time, productive – Denied a meeting with the doctors of said clinic now I will be forced into crisis’s that send me to ER’s who will not treat me – I am frightened my life is over and soon to be in wheel chair or forced into a surgery I am told will likely make things worse.

(19 hours ago) Timothy B. from Bealeton, VA writes:
I do not take pain medicine on a regular basis, but when my chronic neck and back pain get out of control I usually end up being admitted in the hospital with uncontrollable high blood pressure, ok which getting my pain under control is vital to bringing down my blood pressure. Last week I was put in ICU because instead of treating the intense pain from 2 previous cervical surgeries, they were trying to treat the symptom, and avoid the cause Of the spike. Living without regular pain management is slowing slowly going to kill me and continue too deteriorate my mental and emotional anxieties and stress. These laws or regulations make people living in pain give up on trying to get treated because of the stigma and paranoia it causes doctors and pharmacies, not to mention the public. You will have no idea what being crippled with pain feels like….

(1 day ago) Tyconda C. from Aberdeen, WA writes:
I’ve been in pain now for most of my life. I go see a pain management Dr every month. My pain was in no sense under control before you passed new laws. That has even further reduced my drs ability to treat me with dignity. I now live my life from a bed. I can’t go out and do anything because my pain level is so high that my body can’t function. I don’t know what you feel gives you the right to tell a Dr how to do their job. They are the ones seeing us suffer. Will you come and see me suffer? I truly doubt it, you don’t have a clue what it is like having to live with Interstitial Cystitis…

(1 day ago) Someone from Phoenix, AZ writes:
So my liver doctor tells me I have Cirrhosis of the liver, and I’m lucky if I live 2 more years. In case no one knows, Cirrhosis of the liver is a plethora of symptons and bodily issues similar to having aids. When I was asked what my biggest issue was, I said daily pain that moves to every part of my body. After all, every part of your body is very dependant on your liver making sure every organ is working correctly. When I asked for pain meds, the doctor said no. And besides, his statement: You’ve damaged your liver, and some discomfort is to be expected. And he did not want me to become addicted to the pain meds.  Well isn’t that interesting…I have 2 years to live…if I’m lucky and he’s concerned about me becoming addicted. So much for living out the rest of your life with a semblance of quality. I have so much pain, the two years left in my life can’t come soon enough.

(2 days ago) Someone from Denver, CO writes:
I watched my daughter suffer agonizing pain after surgery for a broken let that requires plates and screws.When the surgery was complete and she complained of pain in the recovery room she was told they wouldn’t give her more because they didn’t want her to become addicted.The DEA has intimidated doctors to the point that they won’t help people who truly need it out of fear.This has to stop.

(2 days ago) Someone from Beaverton, OR writes:
Here I am just a few months after a 3 level Cervical fusion. I have been told that due to the arthritis, bulging discs, stenosis and bone spurs in my thoracic spine I will be in chronic pain pernanently. But despite this my surgeon no longer wants to prescribe pain meds and is sending me to one pain clinic after another that “doesn’t prescribe opiates.” I have been told that I need to find a PCP. But everyone (I’ve called 14 in my area) I have spoken with tells me I need to see a Pain Clinic. Ironically every Pain Clinic I have spoken with says I need a PCP for pain meds. I asked the last Dr. I was referred to (at a pain clinic) why after dropping $80,000 with my surgeon that they seemed to be passing the buck. I just got a look from him that said volumes and a parting response, “no comment.” Seems hopeless.