9 thoughts on “A wonderfully descriptive post about Fibro Flares

      • Lol! Mine’s straight-up English, not even slightly lyrical. American accents by comparison seems like they’re italicised to me, that your words are slanted rather than upright like Standard English is. Does that make sense?

        Some Welsh or Irish accents are v lyrical, like some Scottish ones are. But in all three, there are horrible, ugly sounding harsh versions, too, dependent on the region. Eg, south Wales accents tend to be hard, north Wales more soft and lilting, musical even.
        L. X

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        • Italicized, like we stress certain words? I grew up in Texas, so I have a twang, which I usually try to hide as much as possible. When I lived in California, everyone made fun of my accent. (The snobs.)

          I think the Irish accent is the best (maybe because I’m part Irish). But I know what you mean by harsh-sounding — like the Chinese language. It always sounds like they’re pissed off.

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        • Not so much the emphasis, because we do
          that too, more that the individual words are slanted forwards….I’m not explaining it very
          well! Bad brain day.

          And u knw something? U shld be proud of yr twang 🙂 I personally love the Texan accent.

          And yes re Chinese. Always sounds hacked off to my western ears, too!

          L X

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        • Ummm, now I really knw my brain’s in trouble……I was talking about American vs English accents. There’s a huge range of accents in Canada, too, isn’t there? I hadn’t thought of Canadian accents being similar to English accents – are they?

          L. X

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  1. Oh, so you’re in the U.K. Seems like my brain is the one full of mush. Don’t know much about Canadian accents, except some of them speak French. But I think we can all agree that Irish accents are the best, right?


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